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The 57th United States presidential election has once again predictably narrowed down to only two realistic presidential candidates: the incumbent, President Barack Obama for the Democrats, and Gov. Mitt Romney, for the Republicans. Accordingly, we've compiled the most comprehensive database of their positions on all the topics and all the issues to assist you, the electorate, in casting your vote on November 6. Just scroll down below the introductions and click one of the 29 issues and 12 profile categories to compare the political stances and biographical data of 2012 Presidential Candidates.

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2012 Republican Presidential Nominee

Former Governor of Massachusetts
Mitt Romney

Romney's profile and positions on the issues

Father: George Wilcken Romney (1907-1995)
Mother: Lenore LaFount (1908-1998)
Paternal Grandfather: Gaskell Romney (1871-1955)
Paternal Grandmother: Anna Amelia Pratt (1876-1926)
Maternal Grandfather: Harold Arundel LaFount (1880-1952)
Maternal Grandmother: Alma Luella Robison (1882-1938)

2012 Libertarian Presidential Nominee

Former Governor of New Mexico
Gary Johnson

Johnson's profile and positions on the issues

Father: Earl W. Johnson (b. 1919)
Mother: Lorraine Johnson nee Bostow (b. 1928)
Paternal Grandfather: Ole W. Johnson (19
Paternal Grandmother: Olivia J. Johnson
Maternal Grandfather: William Bostow
Maternal Grandmother: Vera (Korneychuk) Bostow

*According to the 1920 census, Johnson’s father was adopted, so his biological ancestry is unknown.
(Information provided by Mr. Michael Hurdle)

Romney and Johnson Issue Comparisons

   Abortion   Afghanistan   Budget   Business & Labor   Capital Punishment   China   Civil Liberties   Cuba   Economy   Education
   Foreign Affairs    Guantanamo   Gun Control   Health Care   Immigration    Marijuana   
   Minimum Wage
   Same Sex       
   Social Security         

Romney vs Johnson Profile Comparisons

  Age & Birthdate   Ancestry   Career   Childhood   Children   Education    Parents   Religion   Siblings   Spouses 

2016 Presidential Candidates

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