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The 57th United States presidential election has once again predictably narrowed down to only two realistic presidential candidates: the incumbent, President Barack Obama for the Democrats, and Gov. Mitt Romney, for the Republicans. Accordingly, we've compiled the most comprehensive database of their positions on all the topics and all the issues to assist you, the electorate, in casting your vote on November 6. Just scroll down below the introductions and click one of the 29 issues and 12 profile categories to compare the political stances and biographical data of 2012 Presidential Candidates.

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2012 Republican Presidential Nominee

Former Governor of Massachusetts
Mitt Romney

Romney's profile and positions on the issues

Romney met Ann Lois Davies (April 16, 1949) while both were still in elementary school. On their first meeting, Romney threw stones at his future wife, remarking, What do Cub Scouts do when they see a little girl on a horse? We picked up stones and threw them.”

Their relationship did not progress until her sophomore year, when an 18-year old Mitt saw her at a friend's party. Stunned by the beautiful 16-year old, Mitt offered to drive her home that night, oblivious to the fact that she came with a date for the night. They went on their first date on March 1, 1965, watching Julie Andrews’ The Sound of Music, and young Mitt was very much in love then.  

Clearly, she was beautiful then. But there was something else that happened very quickly … I didn’t want to be anywhere else but with Ann. I wanted to be with her all the time and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else besides being with her.”

Romney proposed to Ann during the school prom the same year, and she accepted. Mitt left for France not long after to do missionary work in France on behalf of the LDS Church, and their relationship was limited to two brief visits in the next year, and the occasional phone calls. Ann enrolled in the Brigham Young University (BYU) the following year, and she managed to engineer a transfer to the University of Grenoble in France for a single semester in her freshman year, allowing the young couple some desperately needed time together.

However, their fairy tale romance suffered a hiccup. The prolonged time apart and lack of communication frustrated Ann. The 18-year old beauty was heavily courted by the boys in BYU, and matters were not helped when Mitt’s phone calls and letters suddenly dried up during the summer of 1968. Fearing the worst, Ann dropped her guard down and accepted the persistent wooing of Kim Cameron, BYU’s student body vice president and star of the men’s basketball team. She wrote to Mitt, and indicating that perhaps they should be seeing other people. Little did she know that Mitt was recovering from a horrific car accident in Bordeaux, which claimed the life of one of his fellow missionary.

Mitt returned home in December 1968, and admitted, I didn't know how we would feel.” But any misgivings he may have had disappeared when he saw Ann waiting with members of his family in the airport. Mitt wasted no time and went straight for the jugular. Seated next to Ann in the back of his sister’s car on their way home, Mitt asked, You want to get married?”

“Yeah,” answered Ann. They were wedded four months later on March 21, 1969, in a civil ceremony in the Davies residence. 42 years on, and the couple is still going strong. Their marriage has been blessed with five sons, and 16 grandchildren.  

Ann, who is a national-level  equestrian, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in November 1998. Today, her current condition is stable.She attributes the remission to a combination of reflexology, accupressure, accupuncture, deep-breathing exercises, yoga” and horse riding.

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2012 Democratic Presidential Nominee

Current President of the United States
Barack Obama

Obama's profile and positions on the issues

Obama met South Shore native and fellow Harvard graduate, 24- year-old old Michelle LaVaughn Robinson, while both were working for the law firm of Sidley and Austin in 1988. Michelle, who also holds a BA in Sociology from Princeton, was assigned as Obama’s mentor in the firm.

A four-year courtship ensued, and they were married in the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago in October 1992. The ceremony was performed by Reverend Jeremiah A. Wright and the groom’s brother, Abon’go (Roy) Malik Obama, served as Obama’s best man. The couple has been blessed with two daughters in their 19-year marriage.

Michelle Obama started her law career as a trial attorney for the law firm of Sidley and Austin, handling transactional and antitrust cases, the first and last time she served as a trial attorney. She left the firm in 1991 to become Chicago’s Assistant Commissioner of Planning and Development. Two years later, she was appointed the Executive Director of Public Allies, a non-profit youth leadership organization. A six-year spell as the Associate Dean of Student Services at the University of Chicago followed. Her last professional full-time job was as the Vice President of Community and External Affairs of the University of Chicago Hospitals. She resigned from her position there in 2008. She currently sits on the board of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, a “nonpartisan organization committed to influencing the discourse on global issues.

Obama Family

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